Who is Fitzy Fox?!


Poor ol Fitzy Fox is at the stage of his life where he is having an identity crisis ( something of which most of us can relate!) He has spent his whole life thinking he is a a dog! However everyone calls him Fitzy FOX!!!  So who is F.F?!


Righto! Fitzy Fox realises there is only one way to solve this dilemma (drumroll please)….visit the land of the Fox!! Yes roll out the red carpet Queen Elizabeth and Prince William….Fitzy Fox is on his way!!!


Join Fitzy Foz as he explores Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and Notting Hill on the hunt for his true identity. He also has a taste of good ol traditional British food! (what will he think?!)


Will our four legged friend find out who he really is?…..

This gorgeous debut from Amelia Trompf is based in Melbourne…so if you are a Victorian (and a fan of gelati and veggie burgers! ) you will find some familiar places amongst the pages! Also a shout out to the ultra talented Jennifer Bruce who really brings Fitzy Fox and his adventures to life with these gorgeous bright illustrations.

You can  find more about Amelia and Jennifer here and discover some ultra cool Fitzy Fix craft activities. Highly recommend this gem, and especially love supporting Australian talent.

As he is another furry friend who has struggled with his identity..I know Paddington would approve of this one!

5/5 marmalade sandwiches.


Today’s brew : Harrod’s ‘English Breakfast’ tea