Little Wing by Katherine Battersby

I have a fun fact to share with you all…I am a bird lover..I feel absolute sheer joy when I see a bird land in my bird feeder..breed of bird doesn’t matter..I will quite happily go and have a chat to a family of pigeons.

So let me tell you when I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of ‘Little Wing’ by Katherine Battersby no one could wipe the smile off the face of this bird lover! First a rabbit (Squish Rabbit) now a book loving bird (Little Wing)…this lady was on my wavelength!

Little Wing is not just any bird…he was the world’s smartest animal! Yes my friends, this smart cookie of a bird had been reading his whole life.


He had learnt many skills from these books…in fact he was a jack of all trades…a handy feathered friend to have around!

However despite this wealth of knowledge and many skills… Little Wing was yet to discover that he was a bird! .Little did he know…those ‘flappy things’ as he called them could help him zoom and soar around the sky! What adventures he could have!!

One day Little Wing spotted a smilier looking animal in the sky (with the same clacky bit, fluffy stuff and flappy things) and set on a mission to follow it. However first he had to figure out how to get up in the air….yes you guessed it…back  to the books!!


Little Wing has a big challenge ahead of him….will he be able to figure out how to fly from his books? Or is this something he has to do on his own?


Join Little Wing on this journey of self discovery to help him figure out who is and where he belongs.

This is such a beautiful gem and will resonate with adults and children. Learning is a fun adventure, spread your wings , be true to yourself and enjoy it.

5/5 Marmalade sandwiches!


Today’s brew: ‘Writer’s tea’ from Literary tea co!

I was lucky enough to meet a super cute plush version of ‘Little Wing’ this weekend at the Brisbane Writers Festival! ‘Alphabet Zoo was set up as the ‘Island of Books’ ..children could explore Little Wing’s Island and help him find himself in the world! He had plenty of  eager friends exploring his island…including me! 🙂



If you would like to find out some more about the very talented author/illustrator Katherine Battersby you can send her a tweet here @kathbatt

You can also keep tabs on here at her blog ‘the well read Rabbit’ and her website
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