Gary by Leila Rudge

Gary is one positive pigeon….in fact he is in my eyes a little feathered champion. You know that feeling when you watch an inspiring movie…and you leave thinking ‘I can achieve anything!!!!’….(insert air punch here) Well ‘Gary’ creates this feeling in a picture book form.


I could tell this was one cool dude when I first spotted his amazeballs, blue knitted beanie (which I have no doubt he knitted himself). Then I learnt that he keeps a scrapbook! And he is a devoted scapbooker…(unlike me who has completed one page and the rest is sitting in a ‘to do’ pile)

Gary is a racing pigeon…however unlike the rest in his flock…Gary can’t fly. There are no racing ribbons or medals on Gary’s mantelpiece.


You learn very quickly that Gary does not let this set back stop him from having awesome adventures. He listens, learns….and uses this knowledge to his own advantage. ….and before you know it Gary has momentos galore to add to his scrapbook!


You will love going on this adventure with Gary. The illustrations are tip top and it has such a great message for all of us, adults and children.

We all need a Gary in our lives, strongly recommending this one!


5/5 marmalade sandwiches

Today’s brew :’Beam me up Scotty’ from West End Tea Co

I also like to give the authors/illustrators a mention because they constantly make my day with their amazing creations. I did not realise that the awesome talented Leila Rudge resides in my end of the world (Australia!!!) …I will give you Poms a shoutout because she was born on your turf. She has also written and illustrated some absolute gems, one of my favourites is ‘Ted’


You can read about her more here and if you would like to cyber stalk her (don’t say I never give you anything) can find her on Instagram @leilarudge


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