What noise comes from a giraffe? By Craig MacLean

I love giraffes…..their super long necks and tongues…the fact that they sleep standing up…their amazing long, lush eyelashes!! ..they are such fascinating creatures. I also read this morning about some research conducted in Europe where they discovered they spend their evenings humming to each other…(article is here if you are as fascinated as me!)

I also have a few other delightful giraffe related links I will provide at the end of this review.

So my love of this long legged creature led my eyes to this gorgeous new book by Craig MacLean ‘What noise comes from a giraffe’ .


Some fun facts about this Author/Illustrator is that he a graphic designer/art director turned filmmaker. He owns a production company called Mr Smith that specializes in TV commercials and online content. Also proud to announce he is a fellow Aussie! (gosh we have some awesome talent) #aussieaussieaussie

What do I love about this book? First up it is bright and gorgeous and as soon as children (or adults such as I! )see this cover, they will want more. The title is also asking a question…which would be a great start to a storytime session…Now what noise do you think a giraffe makes?! (insert many creative answers here!!!)

Turning the pages we are greeted by many familiar animal friends and their iconic noises…..each time asking the questions ‘But what noise comes from a giraffe’ ?! This is wonderful repetition which will have the audience joining in very quickly.


I am not going to spoil the book for you and tell what noise our lovely long legged friends make…(no it’s not a hum! ) however you are in for a treat! I also love that the author’s daughter Molly has solved this mystery for us.


I can’t wait to use this one in storytime it will be an absolute hoot…or should I say hum…or ….(Molly insert answer here!!!)

You can also have a sneaky peak of the book trailer here

Enjoy, this one it is tip top.


5/5 Marmalade sandwiches

Todays brew: Packs a Peach from T2


P.S Giraffe related links as promised.

Do you fancy having breakfast with a giraffe hanging his head through your window?! (I do!) This place ‘Giraffe Manor’ looks absolutely amazing. Packing my bags ASAP.

In my opinion…we ALL need a motivating giraffe in our life. Penny , a super talented local artist from Brisbane, has created Giraffe and his two friends…as a result…lots of beautiful inspiration from the worlds tallest mammal. Trust me, have a look pronto.

This is one of my favourites!




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