No, No, Gnome! By Ashlyn Anstee

I have always loved a garden gnome…..little creatures having adventures around gardens….painted differently to express their unique personalities. I also love my garden and take delight in attempting (sometimes successful!) to grow pretty flowers and my own fruit/veggies.

My favourite day at work is Friday…this is when the courier arrives with the boxes of new books . I was very excited when I opened the top box to find this gorgeous cover looking out at me.


We meet this little Gnome at ‘Greenthumb Elementary’ (great name, can I enroll?!) harvest day….and gnome although his best intentions, (and this can happen to any novice gardnener!)…get’s a little carried away… (No, No, Gnome!!). Despite the teacher’s attempts to assign him different tasks,  gardening isn’t proving to be poor little Gnome’s forte.


This has made his popularity with the other students take a rather large dive….what can Gnome do to make it up to his classmates…..


I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book, they are so bright and eyecatching. The story really does highlight the joy in gardening and growing/ harvesting your own food. Also by showing how you can learn from your mistakes.

There is so much you could do with this book, it is a great one to encourage children to get outdoors and create their own garden. Also to learn about plants, different fruit/veggies and explore where we get our fresh produce.


I am saying Yes, Yes Gnome to this one! I will be buying a copy of this one to add to my own picture book collection. I will also be using it during storytime and work, which I know will be a hit. Also on the publishers website there are some activities/colouring sheets related to the story. Children can learn about garden tools and fruit and vegies in the garden.

This super talented author/illustrator also has another children’s book called ‘Are we there yet’ (also a gem)

And if you would like to follow her in the twitterspehere and maybe give her a pat on the back for creating this gorgeous book!! .. you can find Ashlyn  @ashlynanstee

5/5 marmalade sandwiches for this beauty!


Today’s brew.. Pineapple, Almond, Coconut Green tea from my recent trip to Maui…absolutely delightful



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