One by Sarah Crossan

Have you ever read a book that changes you…that has just stopped you dead in your tracks and made you look at the world in a different light…if you have, you will understand when I say this book has had that effect on me.

I was already a big fan of Sarah Crossan (@SarahCrossan) , I discovered her earlier this year when I read ‘Apple and Rain’ (absolutely awesome..get a copy..quick sticks). I knew she had a new book coming out later this year but I didn’t want to wait….I was the crazy impatient fan who wanted a copy in my hands pronto! I am very grateful to the lovely Sonia from Bloomsbury Publishing for sending me a review copy of this absolute gem. (thank you!)


Tippi and Grace are conjoined twins…soul mates. They have done everything together…when they turn their heads, they know the other will be right there beside them. Are there times when they get on each others nerves? Yes. Are there times when they just want to be alone. Yes. But would they rather be apart….?


This amazing novel, written in verse, takes us inside the heads of these two twins and the daily struggles they face. Their parents can no longer afford home schooling, so they are sent out into the world to a mainstream highschool. A world of cruel comments, stares, friendship , boys, drinking and the general angst of being a teenager. What happens when the deterioration of their health makes them face a life changing decision?


Sarah has researched in depth conjoined twins , their lives and their struggles. Before reading this book I had very minimal knowledge about this rare phenomenon and it pushed me to do some research of my own. I was amazed and inspired to learn that many live happy enriched lives…. marrying and having children.


Thank you Sarah for this book, such a gift, and opened my eyes up to something I had so little knowledge of and understanding. This is a book that will stick with you…trust me…you need to read this one 🙂

5/5 marmalade sandwiches


Today’s brew : ‘Get stuff done’ blend from SUMT


2 thoughts on “One by Sarah Crossan

  1. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    One sounds amazing! I had no idea it was about conjoined twins, I would love to read it, so thinks for bringing it to my radar.


  2. I really loved One too! I was surprised at what a rounded and depthy story Sarah was able to create using so few words! I’ve not yet read any of her other books but I’d love to read Apple and Rain soon xxx


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