Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey

title page

Title: Pig the Pug

Author: Aaron Blabey

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

‘Pig was a Pug
and I’m sorry to say,
he was greedy and selfish
in most every way’….

This is how the readers are introduced to Pig ….from first impressions, this pug isn’t a cool dude.

pig flipped wig

However poor ol Trevor the sausage dog , with a heart of gold, is Pug’s flat mate.


Trevor continues to politely ask Pig to share his toys (clearly a spoilt pup!)……but Pig doesn’t want a bar of friendly little Trev. But then…!!!! (drumroll please)…..the unexpected happens….will this teach Pig a lesson?!

pig the pug

The illustrations are just gorgeous and I can guarantee this book will produce giggles galore. Also a great story to highlight the importance of sharing. I hope we see Pig and Trevor again in the future. I’m sure there are many more adventures to be had by this pair.

Aaron Blabey in my opinion is a cool guy..with a talent of producing awesome creations. Some of you might recognize his illustrating style from his previous book ‘The Brothers Quibble’ which was the Australian National Simultaneous Storytime book for 2015 (big honour to be chosen for this one)


He has just had new book published this year (horray we cheer!!) titled ‘Thelma the Unicorn….which is described as ‘a joyful book about learning to love you you are..even if you don’t have sparkles’. So get your hands on this new gem pronto.


Paddington would approve of this giggle- aplenty tale

5/5 marmalade sandwiches


Today’s brew: ‘Get stuff done’ from SUM T.

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